Aristou always dreamed of having robotic arms, but what young boy didn’t? The ability to pick up any object, reach further, and do more is something that appeal to every child. But for Aristou it was especially meaningful; born with mobility issues, Aristou knew that robotic arms were exactly what he always wanted.

Aristou came up with a brilliant idea: if he had a real-life Dr. Octopus suit, he could do anything he wanted to. Unfortunately, he was told that comic books aren’t real, and that type of technology just doesn’t exist yet.

That’s where me and my team came in. We sat down with Aristou, figured out what his limitations were, and made a plan to help him surpass them. By using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, coupled with other cutting-edge technologies and techniques, we created robotic arms that were part of a controllable suit.

With a bit of fine tuning, Aristou had the robotic arms he always dreamed of. He was ecstatic, but somehow, I think that I may have felt nearly as happy as him. I love being able to build new inventions and push past barriers to new breakthroughs, but being able to do it all for a charitable cause just makes it that much better.

Building things is good, but building things to help people is great. Nothing feels better than that.

I think Aristou would agree.