As much as you might try to forget about Bitcoin, something about it keeps drawing you back. Sure, you were worried when the price dropped towards the very end of 2017. And you may have been disappointed to see it hasn’t recovered quite as rapidly as you’d prefer.

But what is it about Bitcoin that keeps you investing, HODLing, and wanting to buy more?

Perhaps it’s the fact that price analysts think the price could explode within this year?

Or is it the rumors of the price hitting $25,000 this year – higher than the all-time-high last year?

Maybe it’s the resiliency of the product, especially when compared to other cryptocurrencies?

Could it be that top investors are recommending to bet big on Bitcoin?

Was it when the NASDAQ shifted its focus towards cryptocurrencies?

Above all, is it the fact that some very intelligent people think it could one day replace actual gold?

Whatever your reason, it’s easy to see why we keep being captivated and interested in Bitcoin.