Wall Street was largely caught off guard by Bitcoin’s rapid growth towards the end of 2017. They weren’t ready for the price to soar, and they weren’t ready for so many people to start taking an interest in cryptocurrencies. As Bitcoin’s price was beginning to stall at the top, altcoins took off rapidly, thus expanding the public perception of what a cryptocurrency could be and could do.

This was absolutely not what Wall Street wanted. They were planning a future where people were stuck in their system, enslaved by debt and fiat cash. Cryptocurrency wrecked this vision, and now they’re scrambling to figure out a new plan.

Right now, they have two options: destroy the crypto-movement, or absorb it and get on board. Wall Street has proven that they are corrupt and untrustworthy, so either of these choices would be disastrous for the common man were they to succeed.

That’s why it’s up to us to see to it that cryptocurrencies not only succeed in building a new future, but that this future stay decentralized and out of the greedy hands of the Wall Street giants. They can’t beat these ideas, so they will try to coopt them and poison the well.

Stand guard, and stick up for decentralized values. The only way we win is by keeping power out of their hands.