There needs to be a balance between listening to the advice of people you trust, and getting bogged down by the opinions of haters. All too often, we struggle to differentiate constructive criticism from jeers and mockery. Perhaps one of the best ways to practice discerning good advice from bad advice is to learn what your own voice is saying.

You’ll never create something new in the world if you spend your time listening to other people’s advice and input. How can you dream new possibilities if you’re stuck dissecting other people’s dreams? How can you imagine new heights if you’re trapped imagining other people’s perspective?

Everyone needs to learn to live their lives by their own rules – but this is especially important for young people. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of simply falling in line and following orders. Often times, the younger we are the more we’re afraid of standing out. But standing out is precisely what we need to do.

“I am a law only for mine own, I am not a law for all.” – Thus Spake Zarathustra

Above all man-made laws, natural laws, and societal norms, you need to be a law unto yourself. Follow your own code, listen to your own internal voice. By drowning out the noise of the world around you, you’re better able to unlock what’s deep inside you.

Choose to become a creator, not another mindless consumer. While consumers are caught up in the rules of the system around them, the creator sees the binds placed on them and chooses to create a new system to work in. A creator chooses – a slave obeys!

Choose to be a creator. Choose to be independent. Choose to be You.