I remember vividly the day I realized Wall Street was out of control. I was 9 years old, playing in the kitchen while my mother cooked dinner. My dad came home earlier than usually, and before I could run to greet him I noticed a look on his face that I had never seen before.

He stared at my mother and said, “I think we lost everything.”

The market had just been turned upside down, and it seemed to have hit my parents extra hard. I was too young to understand exactly what was happening, but I knew it was very bad—over the next few months, we lost almost everything. We were thankfully able to keep our home, but we had to take out a second mortgage to make that happen.

In the meantime, Wall Street CEOs were getting rich on the backs of families like mine. Meanwhile, my family was struggling to make ends meet and recover from what happened. It was a brutal time for our family—and one that I’ll never forget.

It was during this time that I swore that it would be my life goal to end Wall Street’s corruption. I may have just been a kid, but I was an idealist and knew what needed to be done. When I later learned about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, I knew this was my opportunity to strike.

I spent every day trying to amass more and more Bitcoin. Once Bitcoin reached its first peak in price, I sold a chunk of what I owned for enough capital to start an online education business, with a goal to provide affordable (and eventually free) education that’s personal to the user and completely customizable.

I later sold that company to have more resources to continue my fight against Wall Street, working my way up the food chain and maneuvering into a position where I could help end their corruption.

Now, I’m currently working on a new project that I hope will at least make a dent. I may be young, and some people call me naïve, but this is my life goal; and I’d like to think it’s a worthy one to have. I want to make sure no person, no child, has to go through what I and so many other families went through in 2008.

The Blockchain industry is ripe for opportunity; with the right people using it, we could change this revolution forever. If you don’t create a startup in this space sometime within the next 10 years, you’re missing out—potentially on millions of dollars. That’s millions that could go to the right causes, supporting great movements.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology has the power to end Wall Street Corruption. For good.

The next time someone comes home and says, “I think we lost everything,” I want it to be them.