For the past few years, advertising for consumer products has been stuck in a 2-dimensional stage. Companies can show you pictures of the product you’re considering, but they struggle to move beyond that. For many people, this simply isn’t good enough.

More and more people are beginning to use traditional storefronts as a sort of “show room” – where they can view the items they’re most interested in, then go home and find a better deal online. As a result, many traditional stores are beginning to adapt to this new consumer culture.

But what if the next stage of advertising involved cutting out the show rooms altogether?

Imagine you are wanting to find the perfect sofa to fit in your apartment. You’ve done the measurements, you’ve looked at photographs, but you’re still having a hard time picturing it in your actual apartment.

What if you could see it in your apartment, switching the color scheme as often as needed until you find the perfect shade to match your other furniture?

What if you could see how those shoes you want go with your outfit – while still in your own closet?

That is the very near future that augmented reality (AR) is promising. By using a special device, or even your own smartphone, shoppers can see what a product would look like in their own home.

We’re very close to this becoming a regular part of our daily lives. When it does, it will change how we shop forever.