Everyone wants to travel the world, but not everyone can afford to – or can they?

Look, I get it – if you’re anything like me, you want to do everything big: the best hotels, the best flights, the best destinations, the best food. Life is better when you’re experiencing the best. But sometimes, you can’t afford the best. Or maybe you can, but you don’t feel like spending your money on extravagance.

Does that mean you just have to write off international travel? Certainly not. As this one article explains, traveling to exotic and exciting places is possible if you’re willing to get creative.

As the article explains, seek out cheap destinations – and avoid being overly picky.

“Flights to Bangkok or Bolivia might seem steep, but once you’re there, you’ll be sleeping in colorful hostels that cost less than a turkey sandwich would back home, filling up on delicious meals for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.”

Another tip is to travel slow – opting to use more of your time moving from place to place, rather than paying for the convenience of speedy transit. Slower trains = lower ticket prices = more money to do more exciting things.

Above all, take note of what the locals are doing, and copy them! No one knows how to live frugally wherever you are than the people that live there every day. Watch what they do, where they eat, where they shop – and don’t be afraid to ask a question or two.

One day you’ll make it big and not have to worry about money. But until then, you can still enjoy all the pleasures of travel if you let yourself get a little creative.