I recently did a post about mental health for the entrepreneur and how maintaining mental health was crucial for making well-informed business decisions in the business world. To follow up on that, I think it is high time I talk about the importance of physical fitness for the entrepreneur as well. In some ways, mental and physical health are complimentary; the presence of one suggests the presence of the other.

However, in my conversations, I have found that many people fail to see the importance of physical fitness in efforts like business making and what not. I suspect this is because everyone associates business with rich people talking in an office. In this capacity, it would seem that physical fitness – while certainly important for the obvious reasons – isn’t a deal breaker for most businesspeople.

However, I am here to argue that it actually is. Why? Well, that above image of rich businesspeople sitting in an office may be an “ideal” but it is far from reality in 99.99% of cases. In reality, beginning entrepreneurs have to be prepared to do a lot of manual labor. In these inevitable cases, being able to do the work yourself will end up saving you a lot of money.

In addition to that, physical fitness is, as I said, complimentary to one’s mental health which is evidently necessary for any businessman or woman to have. Numerous studies have shown that physical and mental health help to encourage each other so if you really want to have one, pursuing the other is not a bad idea.

Ultimately, those who would discount physical fitness as a criterion for a successful businessperson commit a serious error in judgement. Not only is it important, but it can be a big problem in many budding businesses. For beginning entrepreneurs, consider this just one more reason to get active.