As entrepreneurs and inspired individuals, it’s easy to become completely engulfed in fulfilling our dreams and aspirations. In doing so, we often neglect some of the basic things in life which can hamper our overall capability. It’s really important to remember that in spite of our busy schedule, we need to make time for what matters. This post has a few tips to help you better do that.


It may seem like scheduling is something one should only do for business and vocational things. In truth, scheduling is a tool like any other which can be used to help us effectively achieve our goals. As a consequence, I would highly recommend using effective scheduling to help build in time for your family and friends so that you don’t neglect them.

Identifying Downtime

It’s been shown that people in general have a lot more down time than they think they do. If you think about all the time you’re sitting in a car, waiting for a meeting, relaxing, etc., it can become pretty apparent that we actually do have a lot of downtime.

If we are able to effectively identify all this downtime, we will certainly be able to figure out ways to spend more time on what matters. Obviously, the duration and type of downtime will vary from person to person, so defining a concrete schedule is difficult – if not, impossible – to do for everyone. That’s why it’s so important that each of us analyze our own schedules and make room where we can.

Working with your Family

For most of us, the “what matters most” part of this equation is our family. Most of us are wanting to spend more time with our families and to make time for them. In doing so, however, we have to work around our busy schedule which can be difficult.

But what if you could incorporate them into your work life? Well, that’s a potentially great idea. Indeed, updating your family and keeping them posted on your goals and aspirations is a great way of killing to birds with one stone; you get to make time for what matters most and explain to others your vision. Both of these are incredibly helpful for our psychological health.

Ultimately, balancing our busy, entrepreneurial life with our personal life can be a tough challenge for sure. However, if we follow some of the tips above, we can bridge this big divide and hopefully live a more balanced lifestyle.