As entrepreneurs, the word “setback” has become a permanent fixture in our vocabulary. Every one of us experience hardships in some way, shape, or form and they can often utterly destroy our morale and make us feel unworthy. As we know, there isn’t any real way for us to prevent these disasters from happening. However, there are ways we can handle them better.

In a way, learning how to work through hardships is a form of solving it. After all, if we quit and give up, aren’t we basically letting the setback succeed? If we learn how to decrease our own stress levels when in these situations and make ourselves more efficacious while working through them, their overall impact will be lessened.

So how can this be achieved? Well, I’d be remiss if I told you it’s an overnight change, of course. It’s not. It involves rewiring the way we think about things and what our outlook is when things don’t go according to plan.

The first part in this process is keeping our expectation realistic. This may sound extremely generic and vague, but trust me, it’s important. There is a time and place for dreaming big, there really is. However, the devil truly is in the details and if we neglect those details, we can get overwhelmed by them and forget our big dreams.

The second important step in this process is working with others. In some senses, this is auxiliary to the first point because working with others often helps you to focus more on the minutia which is unfortunately very important. After all, the different perspectives brought together when two or more people collaborate helps to compensate for the deficiencies of each and make the whole project more balanced.

Ultimately, working through hardships can be an incredibly trying thing to do. However, there are ways to help us move beyond the anguish and recover from whatever it is that has happened. If we do this properly, we not only help ourselves but, in the end, help our situation and lessen the damage.