“Believe you can and you’re half way there” said President Theodore Roosevelt. When we hear quotes like this, it surely sounds nice, but what is the other half that we still have yet to reach? Well, it’s mainy things. Certainly it’s important to develop the right skills and create the right attitude, but it also depends on where you choose to reside.

In the 21st century there really are some places where entrepreneurs are far more likely to succeed. Living or having connections in these places will put your business and yourself in a much better position to grow and become more notable.

Los Angeles

No place is as robust for the technological industry as the heart of Silicon Valley, Los Angeles. Los Angeles offer much in the way of entrepreneurial opportunities. If you’re looking to operate a technologically oriented business, you definitely should consider the opportunities of Los Angeles.

Beyond that, Los Angeles has so many amazing business connections and such unprecedented business diversity so as to make it a must visit – if not live – place for entrepreneurs who really want to make it big.

New York City

New York City is a living, breathing embodiment of the American dream. Since aspiring entrepreneurs are also an embodiment of the American dream, it seems only natural that the entrepreneurial type would find a home here. Not to the surprise of anyone, New York City is a haven for anyone seeking to build a business and connections are literally everywhere.

However, one of the drawbacks of NYC is that it can be hard to navigate. It is, after all, notorious for its red tape bonanza and that can be really bad for an aspiring entrepreneur. That said, those who do make it through the complicated regulatory process have a lot to look forward to in NYC.


Across the pond is a city which is known for its bustling streets, diverse population, and massive business opportunities. London is certainly one of the best cities to achieve growth for a business. Unfortunately, London has many of the same faults as New York City. However, London also has immense opportunities which make it one of the best cities to operate a business in.