Getting More Skills

I’ve always wanted to be a super versatile person with lots of skills which I can use to make myself marketable and helpful. One of the things I’ve noticed, though, is that there are so many skills out there to learn that deciding which one is best to learn can be a difficult chore. However, over the years, I have derived a few tips and tricks which will help anyone better identify which skills they should pursue.

Know Your Strengths

This might sound cliché or painfully obvious, but it’s actually quite a bit harder than it sounds. Diagnosing yourself for your own strengths and weaknesses can be a difficult task, but it is important to have for future reference.

But how do you find this out? Well, there are plenty of great literary resources to help you, but if you don’t want to spend money, the best thing you can do is ask your friends and family what they think your strengths are. If they’re honest, they’ll give you a pretty good picture of what you are skilled and not skilled at.

Find the Skills that Suit your Strengths

After you’ve run a self-diagnostic and figured out what your strengths are, I recommend finding skills that people with your strengths are privy at. Since almost all skill sets are combinations of different skills, finding one that fits various strengths you have will make it more likely you’ll excel at it.

Analytical people, for example, might prefer learning skills around computers. This is probable but not guaranteed. However, an analytical person who is also technically oriented is MUCH more likely to excel around computers. This sort of combination of forces can really be a major asset in helping you find your perfect skill set.

Ultimately, finding your strengths can really help you narrow down your search for a new trade. As you look, keep the things I talked about here in mind since they really are crucial in helping you understand how and where to look.