Top Five Luxurious Cars of 2017

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping into a new car and inhaling that iconic fresh car smell. Picking out the right car is, however, a tricky decision. Balancing luxury with speed and aesthetic with functionality can be a difficult decision, but with enough dough in the bank, these ten cars offer the best combination of all the aforementioned characteristics. That’s why we’re calling these the top five luxurious cars of 2017

Buick Verano

Buick is well known for its illustrious, luxurious car models and the 2017 Buick Verano is another example of how a well-built car should look and feel. Outfitted with a slick and aerodynamic design, the Verano certainly meets the aesthetic criterion. Fuel efficiency is another added benefit of the Verano thanks mostly to its compact design. The interior has many of the luxury features associated with 2017 models and is certain to impress.

Infiniti QX30

Crossovers have been a big hit lately and they routinely pepper showrooms across the country. However, the Infiniti QX30 is unique and distinctive with its combination of sleekness and functionality. Equipped with a plethora of interior gadgets to make driving easier – a hallmark characteristic of Infiniti cars – the QX30 certainly outdoes itself in terms of style and luxury.

Tesla Model S

Tesla cars are quickly becoming a favorite for car enthusiasts who appreciate their design, functionality, and innovativeness. The 2017 Tesla Model S is groundbreaking in that it is living proof that a single car can go a great distance on a single battery. Indeed, the Tesla Model S is almost indistinguishable from any other classic car in terms of functionality, but the new electric model is pleasing to both car enthusiasts and environmentalists.

Genesis G90

The Genesis brand still has a lot to do in terms of marketing. It’s still a new brand owned by Hyundai so it doesn’t have the name recognition of some other car manufacturers. That said, the Genesis G90 is a great publicity magnet. This uniqueness and beauty of this luxury model is certainly dressed to impress. Fundamentally, the G90 is a remodeled and remade Hyundai Equus, but it is equipped with a handsome list of new features which make it stand out from the rest including a 365-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 engine among other things.

Porsche Boxster

The name Porsche pretty much gives away the reason this is the number one luxury sports car of 2017. Since its release, the Boxster has become one of the most sought after luxury sports cars in history. That’s saying a lot, too. The Boxster certainly deserves its title since it combines beauty with functionality and is known around the world for its unparalleled luxury.