Did you know that after the end of the Second World War, America was number one when it came to education? To any parent or student who has seen or felt the effect of today’s public education system, that might sound ridiculous. But it’s true.

So, you might ask, what happened to America’s school system? Why is it failing so catastrophically today? Well, to answer that question, we have to look at what American schools lack. To me, I think it’s pretty obvious. I never liked school. I dropped out before graduating High School because I was dissatisfied with the education system and wanted to pursue something of greater value.

I think that that might be one major reason that our education system fails: it doesn’t inspire students. Programs that help students achieve their dreams beyond the basic academic realm are almost completely nonexistent. If we made public schools areas of achievement rather than of drudgery, we’d definitely see much more excitement from students.

How could this be done? Well, I think the key lies in electives that teach students real life skills that are and will be applicable in the real world. Today, many students fail to see the importance of reading To Kill a Mockingbird because it has such little relevance to them. Math studies also seems irrelevant.

Now, we have to reach a balance because we certainly can’t say that those subjects – math and reading – are unimportant, but we need to also take into consideration the goals and concerns of students.

Business or career specific elective would go a very long way in helping students achieve success. It’s one of the many ways I think the education system could be made better.