Every day we are surrounded by technology. For a good deal of people today, the cell phone has become an artificial limb of the body, so to speak. Indeed, as technology progresses, our lives will become even more connected to the technology around us and we will become more and more dependent on it.

Regardless of the good or bad implications this might have, it is a fact, and one of the most disturbing things about technology is how little we know about it. For probably 95% of Smartphone, the nuts and bolts of how their Smartphone works is completely alien to them. For some, ignorance may be bliss, but as society progresses more and more towards technology it would only seem fitting that the upcoming generation be taught about how these objects work and how to control them for the good of themselves and those around them.

Unfortunately, schools today are still pretty far behind when it comes to this. With some cultural differences here and there, schools today aren’t – in all honesty – all that different from how they were twenty to thirty years ago. Schoolchildren today aren’t taught about the many technological elements of our society and this should really frighten all of us.

This is where I think the public school education system has failed the most spectacularly. I really feel that we need to incorporate more education into technology. This could be done in many different ways and obviously I’m no expert in education policy, but I do feel like as someone who was disenfranchised by the public education system and who has a passion for tech.

Technology based electives, particularly those that deal with cybersecurity, seem crucial to our wellbeing in the future. Cybersecurity really is the future arena where warfare will be waged. In fact, Chinese schools are already training their youth to be experienced in cybersecurity and we need to do the same in America.

If not as an elective, students should definitely be required to take classes in computer competency so that they have a general understanding of how their technology works. I really think that this is crucially important since so much of our lives is dependent on technology. In the old days, that which we relied on we understood very well. Why shouldn’t we do the same with technology?

Ultimately, I really do see technology as the future. This might seem obvious, but if it were so obvious, why are we not being more proactive in teaching our students about the future? If we really want to stay on top of the world with regards to technological advancements, I truly believe we need to do more to invest in our youth. If we do this, I think it will be an invaluable investment in this country and the future of our children.