We’ve all seen the luxurious car zip down the freeway seemingly at the speed of sound and thought to ourselves “I can afford that, can’t I?” Then, the power of reality strikes us head-on and we immediately realize we’re deceived. But what if we were able to afford that car? What if we could find a way to get our hands on the keys of the luxury cars we thought was limited to our dreams? Well, it’s actually might just be a lot closer than you think.

Understanding the Automobile Industry

Understanding the automobile industry can be a bit difficult. Unlike most markets, the automobile market is divided into two main categories: compulsory and luxury. What does that mean? Well, unlike food, housing, and job markets, the automobile market is not entirely needs based. While food, housing, and a job is necessary for survival in modern America, cars – let alone fancy cars – aren’t necessarily.

However, on the same token, cars are a necessity for most people in America so they do share that commonality with the food and housing markets. But how does this help you attain a luxury car? Well, the key lies in the market overlap. Often times, luxury cars won’t be marketed as such and may even end up at low end dealerships. If you can learn how to navigate this market, you could just land yourself a smoking deal.

Used Cars

For some, this option is off the table. By their logic, if you’re going to buy a luxury car, it had best be brand new. People like this will invariably find themselves getting ripped off. For the more financially savvy, the used car market is a very fruitful place to find a vehicle.

First, many statistics have shown that used cars – luxury or otherwise – are well worth the price difference, so the shame we all have when buying a used car is pretty unfounded. Second, luxury cars are considerably cheaper if bought used. So, if we mesh the first and second facts together, we see a pretty picture, indeed.


The last and perhaps most guaranteed option is to save. This might seem like a tall order, but you’d be surprised to find out how much of our money is wasted on needless expenses. There are many programs out there intended to help people save for a goal. If you’re willing to put time into saving and cut the expenses which are extraneous, you’ll be able to save up for a luxury car with time.

Ultimately, the ability to ride a sweet car is all within you. If you have the time and the knowhow, the money will become less of an issue. So, if you want to get your hands on a luxury car, consider taking the steps outlined above and, who knows, maybe you could be the next guy zipping down the freeway seemingly at the speed of sound. Just don’t get a ticket.