We hear a lot about diets, workouts, and lifestyles all the time. Virtually every new magazine cover claims to unlock the secret to getting physically fit. While all this hype surrounding physical fitness is great and definitely important, as entrepreneurs, there is another side of fitness that is perhaps even more important: mental health.

Too often, this aspect of health is neglected when it definitely shouldn’t be because in any scenario, mental health is important, but particularly for entrepreneurs who need to be on the top of their game to succeed.

Being mentally healthy encompasses a great deal. However, the basics are pretty simple. A lot of it has to do with your outlook. Having the right mindset is crucial to being successful and business. Coincidentally, it’s also crucial to being mentally healthy.

Indeed, one of the key tenets of mental health is the ability to get control of your mind rather than let your mind get control of you. This process is challenging, but mastering it will help you in your personal and business life since it enables you to make rational, reasonable decisions without the undue influence of ulterior emotional motives.