Have you ever climbed a tree? You probably did at some point when you were a kid—most people have at least once. Do you remember how tiring it was? How sometimes you needed to find a safe spot, maybe nestled between two larger branches, and just catch your breath? How looking up or looking down for too long would cause you to panic, but gazing straight out was oddly comforting?

The path to success is a lot like climbing a tree. It’s exhausting, and you can’t expect yourself to keep going at a break-neck pace forever. If  you spend too much time looking ahead to where you want to be, or looking back at where you once were, it could cause you to panic for a bit—to feel overwhelmed about what’s still ahead, or terrified of falling back to the square one.

When you’re working to achieve your goals, you need to recognize when it’s time to take a short break. Find that safe spot, that plateau, and rest for a little while. Enjoy what you’ve achieved, and appreciate how far you’ve come. Your surroundings, your view, is likely much different now than it was when you first started. It’s only when you’re fully rested that you can keep climbing to the top.

Don’t get stuck in the mindset that you can’t pause when you need to—if you do that, you’re risking falling all the way back to where you started. And trust me, that would hurt—every kid can tell you that, and everyone who’s failed by being burnt out can also.

Treat yourself well, and let yourself enjoy how far you’ve come every once in a while.