In this day and age, some skills and professions have become obsolete due to the fast progression of science and technology. We have perfectly good reason to expect that more skills and professions will meet their demise at the hands of technology in the future. But what if you could have the skill that was the reason all the other professions were dying? What then?

Well, that “killer profession” is a programmer.

Indeed, the ability to program effectively is one of the most invaluable skills you can have in this day and age. The security and applicability of programming in nearly every field makes it something that is so widely sought after and extremely marketable.

However, one of the unique difficulties associated with coding is how diverse the marketplace is. After all, the sheer amount of languages there are is staggering. For one, there are different languages for different types of work. Web developers tend to use Java or HTML, game designers and software engineers tend to use C++, etc.

However, there is some good news. Thankfully, almost all coding languages are related in some fashion. This means that once you master one language, adding ever more to your knowledge library becomes easier and easier.

Fundamentally, though. If you know how to code in any language, you’ll be eons ahead in the job market. So many employers are looking for people with just a small, rudimentary knowledge of coding that if you can get as far as mastering a language, you’ll be in excellent shape.