You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t have a desire to travel abroad and visit strange, exotic, or famous places around the world. Unfortunately, this seems like a far-off and distant dream for many of us – who can afford to travel to these far-flung places more than once or twice in a lifetime? For those who have the dream, but don’t quite have the means, consider changing career fields.

When replying to a Reddit /r/travel post about how to get a job where you can travel internationally/ Reddit user /u/rtw_rachel explained that being a travel agent might be the best way to begin seeing the world while you work.

“The particular company I worked for here didn’t require any sales experience, neither did you need a huge amount of travel experience (obviously it helps though). To give you an idea, I had only been to Japan and Thailand when I started. By the time I left 2 years later, I had added another 14 countries to the list!”

She went on to explain that this can lead to more lucrative jobs, as extensive travel experience can be very attractive for some employers.

“The only reason why I left was that I was offered a position with an airline who didn’t base my wage off of commission. Which kind of leads to my next recommendation – try looking at airlines/airports in that your area. Most airline have some sort of staff recognition program where you fly on stand-by and just pay taxes or something similar. My experience as an agent helped me to secure the position, but I was the only one in my training group who had travel industry knowledge. Everyone else came from different backgrounds!”

If international traveling is what you want most out of life right now, consider changing your career fields into the travel agent or airline industries. If you play your cards right, you just might use these experiences to springboard into a better career.